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Irish lotto Festive Promotions from William hill

12 February 2014 |

lottoIrishThe promotions teams over at our top rated William hill site have just been in touch with us and they are quite excited by their currently available Advent Calendar promotion that they have now launched, and having seen just what is on offer we are quite impressed by it ourselves, and as such if you are looking for lots of little extras to enhance your online bingo playing this December then William hill is certainly a site worth visiting.

Every day through December 2013 you should log into your William hill account for when you do you will be able to one another window of their lotto promotion and play irish lotto william hill, behind each window you will find a new promotional offer that is going to reward you with all manner of little extras!

They have Bingo Prize Multipliers on offer and when you take part in these highlighted bingo games a special multiplier will be awarded to winners of those games which could see your winning payouts being massively increased instantly!

You will also find that Santa Claus himself will be wandering around the bingo room  and he will randomly award players with instant prizes, so when you are logged in and playing bingo at William hill should Santa appear he may just award you with a Secret Santa gift!

The highlight of these special festive promotions being offered at the William hill site has to be their very special bingo game which is being played on Christmas Eve for this is your very own chance of being able to win a fantastic holiday for you and your other half!

Play Free Pokies Games

3 October 2011 |


Everyone agrees on the fact that roulette is a symbol of the casino, it has something glamorous. That would indeed be a casino without a roulette wheel, the wheel, the ball started to feel cons, and the numbers falling! For an online casino is exactly the same those with a wheel are the busiest, millions of players play roulette some do not connect that to play roulette. Play Free Pokies Games
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uk poker sites

27 September 2011 |


uk poker sites The keno is a game of Chinese origin which is a sort of cross between bingo and the lottery. Today is practiced over 2000 years. He began to play in China since the Han Dynasty, although Europe and the U.S. did not arrive until XIX brought by Chinese immigrants. The name keno from the Latin “quini” and French “quine”, and in both cases means “five.”  uk poker sites 
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Casino Bonus Codes

9 September 2011 |

Slots History

Casino Bonus CodesAs you can manage to find a number of slot machines in different casinos around the world both offline and online, there are very few people who literally think of the origination of these single armed bandits. Casino Bonus Codes
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Razz Rules

5 May 2011 |

Razz is a relatively new variant of Seven Card Stud.

razz poker

razz rules

The structure of betting and gambling are exactly the same as those of Seven Card Stud except that you play with the aim of forming the combination of higher rather than lower value. The scale and color are not considered and therefore the best possible hand is A 2 3 4 5. The race can be played by two to eight players per table. Each player places an ante (to form a nest egg so worth it to play) and receives two cards face down and one face for all to see. Party Poker Bonus code
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New Jersey Online Casinos Craps

12 January 2011 |


craps-stickCraps is a recreation for actual gamblers. The shooter rolls the dice and any person who bets to the table in entrance, hoping that luck to his / her side to possess. This naturally means that players have no management in excess of the outcome from the throw and they have been uncovered to how the dice roll. Atlantic City casinos it is useless to try to predict the phone numbers for the dice will eventually appear. With this in head, you simply as a lot fun as possible at the desk, no matter if you happen to be an internet craps game in case you dare to craps inside a reside casino.
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Poker professional

9 November 2010 |

Poker professional career

Online Poker Rooms and television want to give the impression that it’s a small thing to become a professional poker player. But the truth is different. The fact that you have mastered the pot odds perhaps beauty, is far from that to play on a professional level and is on the way to professional.
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The various roulette bets

27 October 2010 |

Outside bets Red or Black – Red or Black

This bet pays 1-to-1, and is only a bet if the ball will land on a red or black number. In France it is for Red “Rouge” and for black “Noir”.

Odd or Even – Odd or Even

This bet pays even one out to first You bet if a number is odd or even land on which the ball. The 0 and 00 are neither even nor odd. The French name is “impair” for odd and “pair” for straight. casino games
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Triple Draw Poker

22 October 2010 |

Triple Draw Poker is a variant of Five Card Draw Low. In this game, it is also important to be able read the opponents, since you get no cards of the opponent to face. Tripple Draw begins like Holdem. There is a dealer button, small – and big blind. As in the classic draw poker, each player gets initial five cards face down. What then is the first betting round. Triple Draw is played with blinds. In contrast to the normal draw poker will not only be a lap and a subsequent round of betting exchange, but exchange take place three and four round of betting. Hence the name Triple Draw. The finale is as usual the showdown. Since, as already stated, the Triple Draw are a number of exchange rounds, it can happen that too few tickets left over – then the already issued cards are shuffled and dealt again. In each round, the participating players must decide which cards they want to separate – this will be in the “Muck filed, the pile of unwanted cards. US Poker Sites
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2010 World Series of Poker, Day 39: Main Event Day 1b more people called

22 July 2010 |


Day 1B Main Event W.S.O.P players welcomed 1489 with the hope of reaching the final, but finished 500 on Tuesday would have nothing to celebrate.

The leadership of the second day belongs too James Danielson, who was capable of amassing a chip count exceeding 200,000, just 201 050. What are Candio Filippo, Robert Miller and Jason DeWitt at fourth, third and second respectively. Party Poker Rakeback
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